Don't vibrate what you hate

Don’t Vibrate What You Hate

If you want to create the reality that you want, we can first try to find more and more effective ways to vibrate more positively, whereas trying to find out where the resistances are to you creating the reality that you want. Because if the resistances weren’t there, then you wouldn’t really have the problems that you do have. We could call it “to speak the lingo”, speak the language of the Universe, and the Universe does not speak English.

We’re bombarded with information all of the time, so we cannot blame ourselves. But we do have a responsibility and ability to respond to all the information and negativity that causes anxiety.

Vibrate – Speak the lingo

Fate, divine intervention, God, your own higher self, whatever you think there may be a force beyond you and energies that are interacting with us all of the time. There’s no language there. There is only the signal that you vibrate out. Everything in the Universe vibrates, and you are part of the Universe. You’re part of Mother Nature. You are a human being, and you are never still. Jennie will be talking to us about proper hypnotherapy, where we want to engage with the resistance.

If somebody wants to stop smoking, for example, she would say, ”We’ve already stopped” and the client goes ”What?” – ”Well, you’re not smoking now.” So the real question is, ”For what reason would you want to have the next one?”. That would be quite a different way of approaching things rather than the person saying in their own head for so long ”I should stop smoking”. So, in order to speak the lingo, to take that first step.

How can you speak the lingo and send out the vibration of that which you want? Use vibration creation, that’s the second point. Vibrate with that which you want to create. When we want to stop something, we’re ordinarily sucked into the general vibration of negativity. And that’s the main thing here, for us to catch ourselves thinking. If I can draw attention to how we’re thinking, how generally we tend to think in quite a negative way and how our negative ego impacts upon us. If we can catch ourselves thinking, then we can kind of stop ourselves going down the rabbit hole into anxiety.

Don't vibrate what you hate

Working with the polar opposite

There’s a polar opposite usually like that person who wants to stop smoking. And there’s an opposite to that. So what do they actually want to do? What does the person who wanted to lose weight actually want to do? So I encourage people to be specific. Once we recognize we have put something that we hate to the identity level – “I am poor”, “I am fat”, “I am ugly”, “I am powerless”.

Hypnotherapists engage the hypnotic state somewhere in between sleeping and waking, because that’s the most conducive state for learning to go in, when you’re more relaxed, when the resistance is low. If somebody is in a hypnotic state and lets the hypnotist in to bring about that therapeutic intervention to actually make that profound shift of consciousness, the changing of thought – Wow! If you can engage with the polar opposite, what does the fat person, the one that perceives themselves as fat, want?

They want to be lean, strong and healthy. Whatever thin means to that person’s unconscious mind, the person’s unconscious mind might stop all of their efforts to diet if they’ve had to nurse somebody through illness, cancer, dementia, they don’t want to be like that at an unconscious level. So, you ask what does that person want? “I want to lose weight”. – “No, you don’t. You want to be lean, strong and healthy”. How about that? It has a different vibration, doesn’t it?


Applying in therapy

How do we speak the lingo, use vibration creation and then get polar in hypnotherapy?

A person who is coming to therapy for a phobia, or the person that’s coming to me because they hate their physical self, the person that’s coming because they want some profound change they’re not able to do, they want to give a presentation at work or they’ve given a presentation and it’s gone terribly wrong. The person that’s coming to treatment is usually coming, on some level of their being, to address anxiety.

Anxiety is concern, worry about the future. Depression is concern, worry about the past. So, depression is that you don’t have a future and anxiety is you’re terrified of it. At some level of your being, you’re sending out the vibration that you’re so concerned about the future, you’d rather it didn’t happen.

If something is wrong, if we feel wrong, we feel anxious. Then we’re looking for a reason, a legitimate reason to be anxious. Everything is energy and Jennie is dealing with essence in her therapeutic method. “I’m dealing with the essence of the anxiety”. You see, we have thoughts which are linked to feelings.

We can think and deny the feelings and we can feel and deny the thoughts. Those are two things that are intrinsically linked. And if you don’t think they’re linked, then denial is a kind of emotion as well. If the client is feeling even just a level of anxiety about a phobia they have, it’s that their unconscious mind is trying to keep the person safe. So we work with the essence of safety, which is in fact in this case, the polar opposite.

We can make the person feel safe, experience safety, recognize where their power is, what they do have influence over, then that grows. You see, it’s like a muscle we can exercise, and then that will allay the fears of anxiety. So we work with where the anxiety is, what the resistances are to safety and control and power.

Getting to the bottom of things

We very rarely say the actual thing that we want. A client for instance usually says the thing that they want to not be present anymore in their lives. They usually say the thing that they want to stop. They usually say the thing that’s the polar opposite of the thing that they want. So if they say, “I don’t want to be scared anymore” would be okay, I understand you don’t want to be scared anymore.

So what would it be like if you weren’t scared anymore? What is a person who’s not scared anymore like? Name somebody that you know in fiction or in reality who absolutely embodies the essence of that which you want, who would not be scared? A couple of times I’ve had Samuel L. Jackson out of Pulp Fiction, or the female equivalent is Judy Dench, because that’s James Bond’s boss back in the day.

So I usually ask them, what do you want to be different when you leave here today? How do you know this has worked? If it’s later on today or tomorrow and something happens and somebody else usually notices the change, what will that change be? How will you be? What will be happening in your life when this has worked? And it kind of encourages them to be positive, to begin vibrating positively and they might say “Well, I won’t be doing this”. And if they won’t be doing this, well, what will you be doing instead? What do you think you’d want?

Things are usually attached to a thought process. And often things or behaviors that we’d rather not have usually originate from anxiety. Why does the person reach for a cigarette? Why does the person overeat? Why does the person consider taking drugs? Why does the person keep away from spiders? We all want to keep ourselves safe and we all want to have power over our reality. So the thought processes are usually hidden from the person.

A hypnotist’s job is to get them to catch themselves thinking because the thought leads to an emotional state. Thoughts and feelings are intrinsically linked, but so often somebody will put themselves in the state and not recognize the thought processes that preempted that for them to get to that state and vibrate in a negative way.

Using the subconscious mind

The reason the unconscious mind is so interesting is because there’s a creative part. We call upon the creative part to help us out. We ask the creative part to come up with possible solutions and to give that choice back to the client. So, is there another way of protecting this person come up with three alternative ways? And we’ll do things differently once we know we’ve got choice and we can practice and we can experiment with the outcome and we can be creative.

We know how the mind works because we’ve questioned it so much, I suppose, and had so many wonderful experiences with softening our stance on things. So it’s easy for us to believe we’ve got choice. But quite often your stereotypical client doesn’t even know that that’s a belief. They’ll actually say they have no choice. “Well, I had no choice”.

After a series of questions working with the essence of choice we bring up the resistances. How come this situation that’s so terrible and debilitating and is making you miserable… How come this has gone on for so long? I want the resistances, I want you to tell me because you’re telling yourself.

And once we’ve got all that floating around in the ether and I put you into trance, your unconscious mind, your mind, not mine, your mind will come forth with solutions. And whilst we might be resistant to somebody else telling us what to do, when it’s come from us, we’re more willing to experience and experiment and to put things into place.

Don't vibrate what you hate

Trying the new way

One little change here and there where things just get different to before, better maybe. Try things on for size, notice what the differences are, how your body responds, how life is different for you. Go down that path for a while. You see, this is the path people don’t go down.

They go down the other path almost as a protection thing. “What if the worst happened? Oh, my goodness. What if the worst happened? How would I be?” But they don’t go through usually the path where the creative spark within us all goes “Oh, well, this could happen.”, they could win the lottery, they actually could, they could change the job, they could get a new lover.

“What if?” Let’s go down that path. You see, what happens in the mind is trying to understand that these paths, they’re branches of reality, if you want to get all quantum about it, like all aspects of reality are existing at the same time. So, every decision you could have made, you have made, there’s some elements of you that have that’s how we kind of stick to things, because we know what it would be like if we didn’t.

These paths run concurrently, they’re parallel. You can just look over and see how that other self is doing, the one that didn’t make the change. So as more as it’s easier for you to breathe, as more you find more time to relax in life, the more that you get on better with everyone around you, the more you vibrate in a positive way. You’re not as angry as you were before and the more that life improves for you.

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