Mirroring Hands Video Course


Enhance your order with the exclusive “Mirroring Hands Video Course.” Master this transformative technique for profound self-discovery and personal growth. Learn from experts and accelerate your progress. Embrace a journey of inner wisdom and empowerment.

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Whether you want to work on how to manage anxiety, break free from bad habits, change negative beliefs, overcome your fears and create a sense of purpose in life, this client responsive approach will bring out all the hidden resources.

Mirroring Hands is an approach that is client oriented and therefore, can be done with anyone and it can be used for self-hypnosis and self development.

It facilitates natural problem solving and mind-body healing. Mirroring Hands allows the client to connect with their natural resources and to connect with their own needs and healing capacities. This is why Mirroring Hands can be used for every client and for every need because it is focused more on the client than the directions of the therapist.

This technique is the natural progression for those who have been working with Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, and in the fields that promote mental and emotional health.

Mirroring Hands is the ultimate expression of how to work deeply with the client and connect with what is often hidden within. We explore how we
can utilize the hands to open a connection to the inner self.

This is more than just another technique – In this Special 1 Day Workshop you will learn how to BE with a client and how to allow the client to be the guiding resource of the process. You will learn what can be achieved and how much more effective it is to work WITH the client in a responsive way. You will learn how to improvise WITH the client to arrive at results that no-one could devise beforehand, results that can only emerge out of a very focused and attuned experience.


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