Facebook Live for Therapists and Coaches


Enhance your order with the exclusive “Facebook Live for Therapists and Coaches” course. Unlock the power of live streaming to connect with clients and expand your reach. Learn effective strategies and confidently engage your audience. Embrace the digital landscape for greater impact and success.

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Facebook Live for Therapists and Coaches

Facebook is the king of Social Media and with a monthly usage of over 2.2 Billion people you know you want to be part of it and use its tools.

Of all the different types of actions you can take on Facebook, Facebook Live is by far the most powerful one. As in 600% more effective than posting a video!!

You see, Facebook uses an algorithm to judge and weigh all that is happening on the platform. For Facebook Live though, they have a different algorithm altogether.

Registering for Facebook Live for Therapists and Coaches you will get access to extremely valuable information that will enable you to harness the immense power of Facebook Live and propel your business and practice to a whole new level!


In this Facebook Live training you will learn:

1) Why use Live Video
2) How to define your Audience
3) What types of Live Video can you create
4) What is Facebook Algorithm and how to use it to your benefit
5) How to prepare for Facebook Live
6) What to do before you start your Facebook Live Broadcast
7) How to run a successful Facebook Live show
8) What to do after the Facebook Live is over
9) How to use and Repurpose your content
10) How to Collaborate with others (interviews)
11) How to use Facebook Live from your phone or tablet
12) How to use Facebook Live from your computer
13) How to Schedule a Facebook Live on Facebook and using Apps
14) Facebook live Applications that I recommend
15) Facebook Live Syndication
16) How to use Facebook Live for Groups


As if this was not enough, I will through in three more bonuses worth more than 500 Euro.

On top of all this goodness, you will also get three Extra Bonuses!

Bonus #1

The first 20 people to sign up will get a free 30 Minutes Business Coaching Session with Eugen Popa.
Normal price is 200 Euro. Yours FREE

Bonus #2

The Elman Induction – Demonstrated, Explained and Presented in Detail.
Learn how to overcome any difficulties and obstacles for each step of the Elman Induction.
Normal Price 49 Euro. Yours FREE

Bonus #3

Discounted price for 3 of my future classes:
– Facebook Best Practices for maximum exposure
– How to Organize and Sell Events and Courses
– How to use LiveChat applications on your website to serve more people and connect to customers
– Chatbots – the Future of Marketing is Here
– How to use 10.000$ /month in ad grants from Google


If you are ready to explode your brand, grow your business and reach out to and help more people then go ahead and click on the Add to Cart button and I will see you inside the class.


Technical Details 

Logging in:
This course will take place via Zoom. After you purchased this training and prior to starting the class, you will receive an email with all the details to log in and participate in the class.

Date and Time:
The class will take place on June 23rd, starting at 3PM UK time (10AM New York time, 7AM LA time).


I am looking much forward to seeing you in the class and Learn, Grow and Share together with you!


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