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as a Coach, Therapist, Course Creator or an Entrepreneur

7 Days

25+ Sesssions

10.000+ Attendees

Learn from Billion Dollar Marketing and Business Experts


[Are you a Coach, a Therapist, a Course Creator or an Entrenpreneur?]


Marketing and Business Success Summit helps you make more money, get more clients, help more people, grow your brand, and scale your business, by doing what you love.

All of this, without the pain of doing complicated technical stuff or spend a fortune!

Learn from some of the best experts in the world and take your business to the next level following practical advise and clear actionable steps.

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What Will You Learn?


Get the latest news, strategies, processes, templates, and case studies on:

Digital Marketing

Dennis Yu
Chandler Bolt
Chandler Bolt - Marketing and Business Success Summit -1
Inder Raj
Kim Doyal
Jack Paxton


Derral Eves
Rob Wilson
Scott Simson
Anthony Ambriz
Jeremy Vest

Social Media

Anca Pop
Leon Streete
Judi Fox
Jack Born
Cierra Luek

Processes and Systems

Eugen Popa
Jan Koch
JC Hite
JC Hite - Marketing and Business Success Summit


Florin Mureșan
Adrian Savage
Ashton  Shanks
Ashton Shanks - Marketing and Business Success Summit


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[Why join this summit?]

Learn from billion dollars experts

You have the opportunity to learn marketing and business success from some of the most successful experts in the world.

From SEO to video, from social networks to email marketing and funnels, this summit brings you amazing value, knowldge and skills that you can start applying immediately to grow and scale your products, services, and business.


Learn how to use SEO to generate organic, quality traffic to your website and your business. Rank in top searches on google and get more clients, help more people and scale your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is at the heart of any business and it is the key to growth and success. Enjoy  practical advise from fantastic sessions from world class experts and start applying immediately to scale your business and your profits.


Video is the biggest and most effective way to promote yourself, your services, products, programs, brand and your business overall. Learn from the experts how to do this and achieve amazing success.

Social Media

Social Media is essential for growth and for helping people. It is how you let the world know about you and how the world can see and learn from you. Discover the best ways to leverage social media for your brand and business and drive organic and payed trafic to your shop and products.


learn from world class experts

Marketing techniques, methods and strategies from renowned specialists, carefully selected to help you grow your businss and make more money.

Watch from the safety and comfort of your home

Wellbeing techniques, methods and strategies from renowned specialists, carefully selected to help you live a better and happier life.

world class actionable content

This is unique content, created specifically for this event.  The presentations are focused on the immediate and  practical application to generate fast and profitable results for you.

get access to unique content and prizes

The participants of this event benefit from bonuses and special offers from the speakers as well as from the organizers, sponsors and partners.